Aldea Mar Guidelines

Before you Book Aldea Mar Retreats

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Before Booking Aldea Mar Retreats -Things You Need to Agree with.

The Board of Directors retains the right to terminate your occupancy for violating any rule of the association.
Aldea Mar condominium association requires every renter to fill out a non-owners’ single-family occupancy notification form. The information on this form is mandatory and is used to identify and track who is renting and will assist them in contact you in the event of an emergency.
I will send you this document for your signature after I get confirmation that you are booked.

On arrival, all tenants and guests are required to register in the Aldea Mar clubhouse. You will need to fill out your full name, length of stay, and your unit number. Registration is a self-serve process.

  • This house is suitable for adults, snowbirds, and retirees. Under no circumstances, no house parties, and no smoking in the house.
  • It is essential that you be mindful and respect the neighbors and control the noise levels. You should not disturb the normality of my neighbors or break the local bylaws. If you violate any of the local bylaws and are asked to leave, you will not get a refund.
  • No tenants or guests are allowed to bring pets to any Aldea Mar condo units.
  • Only one parking space is assigned to each unit. Written permission is required to use another unit’s parking space.
  • Guest parking is for visitors only. Your vehicle must have the owner’s name and unit number visible on the dashboard.
  • Car identification cards are available in the clubhouse. No vehicle may be parked longer than 30 days in guest parking spots.
  • No vehicles are allowed on the grassy areas. No cars may block ingress/egress to another unit.
  • Things that are NOT permitted on the property include Boats, trailers, campers, and motor homes as per our condominium association bylaws
  • To protect hatching turtles, no lights may be visible from the beach between May 1st and October 31st.
  • The pool is a no diving pool. Pool hours are from thirty (30) minutes after sunrise to thirty (30) minutes after sunset. No smoking, no pets, no food or drinks, other than water in a plastic bottle, are allowed at the pool area — no removal of or playing on the safety line in the pool. No floats or mattresses are allowed in the pool except single noodles and water wings for kids.
  • Our putting green is for putting only, with chipping allowed in the fringe area. No smoking is permitted on the green or chipping area as the fabric is flammable. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult 18 years plus on the putting green, chipping area, as well as the shuffleboard courts. Soft sole shoes are required on ether surface. No spikes hard or soft and no heeled shoes.
  • No clothing rugs, towels excreta may be hung from any exterior window, balcony, chair, exterior door, patio, fence, or stand.
  • Our BBQ grill is stored in the carport. During your stay, you are allowed to use the grill on the back deck 10 feet away from the building structure. On the last day of your visit, you must return the grill to the carport.
  • Gas for the grill is your responsibility. You will also notice that the grill is cleaned for your use. It must be returned in the same manner. The next renters also want to cook on a well-cleaned grill. A substantial cleaning fee of $100 will be assessed if the grill is not thoroughly cleaned.
  • This villa is a non-smoking house, so please be considerate of our vacation home and property. Smoke only outside with the doors closed. It’s against the association rules to throw cigarette butts anywhere around the property.
  • Garbage is collected early Monday and Thursday morning. Recyclables are picked up on Monday only. Rubbish must be tied in plastic bags and placed in the outside container.
    Recyclables must be placed in the recycle bins. The cardboard must be flattened.

Do you have questions about Unit 79 at Aldea Mar Retreats, contact us to learn more about the reasons to rent and the things you need to know before you book. You can also visit our blog to learn more about Venice and Aldea Mar Retreats.

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