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Are you looking for a vacation rental in Venice FL for your next vacation? If you are looking for a family-friendly vacation spot, vacation rentals Venice FL has many options to suit you and your family. No matter what kind of vacation rentals you are looking for, Venice can provide it. Venice is a great place for any type of vacation. Whether you want to lie on the beach and enjoy the sunset, go boating on the canal, or simply walk along the beautiful streets, Venice is sure to be the vacation spot that you never forget.

Venice Florida is a unique destination in the United States. With an abundance of cultural venues, art galleries, and museums, Venice offers something for everyone. There is plenty to do on the water as well. Whether you want to just relax by the pool or explore the nightlife, there are plenty of vacation rentals including hotels in Venice, Florida to suit your needs.


Venice Florida is located on the Gulf of Mexico in South Florida. Venice is known as the Venice Beach of Florida since its extensive shoreline stretches along the Intracoastal Waterway. It is best known for its famous Venice Beach, which has its own commercial boardwalk. Other popular green spaces include Caspersen Beach, near downtown Venice, and North Jetty Beach, which are adjacent to the Venice fishing pier.

North Jetty Beach is a picturesque spot near Venice beach. The area was once home to rowers, but now it is an outdoor swimming pool. You can watch the boats pass through the channel from the Intracoastal Waterway to the Gulf of Mexico. The area is lined with benches that lead to the Venice pier and downtown Venice. At Venice Florida hotels, the view is spectacular. The main thoroughfare of downtown Venice is lined with shops, restaurants, and public parks. In addition, the beautiful Arboretum, which includes an indoor pool and tennis court, draws many visitors to Venice Florida.

North Jetty Beach is a unique beach in Venice, Florida. Due to the close proximity of downtown Venice and the Venice beach, this section of the Venice Florida real estate is used frequently by tourists. This beach is lined with buildings that have been relocated to accommodate the need for parking. Venice Florida hotels are located near the downtown Venice piers. Many of the Venice hotels are within walking distance of the Venice waterway park.

South Jetty Beach is an excellent place for those looking for a secluded atmosphere. It is also ideal for those looking to escape the busyness of downtown Venice. South Jetty Beach is the only public beach between Coney Island and Venice State Building. Even though it is not as wide, as large, or has the same amount of beach space as downtown Venice, it is still a great place for a quiet day or weekend stroll.

Myakka River State Park lies on the far southern end of Venice. If you love the feel of being in a deep green oasis, then Myakka River State Park may be the perfect spot for you. This is a wonderful park that features miles upon miles of beautiful, tranquil, undisturbed nature. Miles of wooded areas, overlooks and deep valleys make it one of the most beautiful parks in Venice Florida. Myakka River State Park also offers boat tours and nature walks, as well as swimming, boating, and kayaking.

vacation-rentals-venice-floridaThe Venice Florida real estate market is full of homes and commercial properties that are located on the Venice Beach piers. Many of the Venice Beach homes are constructed with ocean-front views, but some are built on the shore with private, ocean-side views. The south, north, and east shores of Venice Florida have some of the most coveted residential spots in the State of Florida. Venice offers some of the best shopping in the area. There are two large world-class department stores, PCC Men’s Golf Club, and BonJour Food Mart on the Venice Beach Pier, as well as many smaller shops.

Venice Florida is home to one of the most popular nightspots in the world. Fashionable shopping is a daily event in Venice. Venetian square has all the hottest fashion boutiques. Additionally, the downtown area of Venice is host to some of the most exotic seafood restaurants in the nation. It’s truly an “anything goes” city, so you will never run out of great places to shop or eat.

Venice, Florida has long been a popular vacation destination for families. It’s a location that’s always sunny year round, so you can always find something fun and exciting to do no matter what time of year it is. Venice is also home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world, including the Duomo, the Sistine Chapel and St. Lazarus’ Cathedral. There are a wide variety of different vacation rentals that you can choose from when you are looking to take your family to Venice, but if you are looking for a specific kind of vacation rental then you may want to consider vacation rentals by the beach.

If you are looking for a Venice rental that will allow you to experience the best of all worlds, you need to look into Venice beachfront rentals. Vacation rentals by the beach can give you access to all of the attractions in Venice as well as a nice, quiet, and relaxing beachfront property. Many Venice beach front vacation rentals are available on the Venice area of Florida but because there are so many properties on the Venice area of Florida it can be hard to choose just one to use. That’s why it’s important to check with a vacation rental agency that will list all of the different properties in Venice, Florida that they have available. It’s then just a matter of choosing which one will be the best choice for you and your family.

When you rent a Venice beach front rental, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the sights and activities that Venice has to offer but you will be far away from the crowds and pollution that you would encounter if you stayed in a hotel. Most of the Venice beach front vacation rentals come fully furnished and include features like swimming pools, fireplaces and other amenities. If you choose to cook your meals then you will have plenty of options with most Venice beach front vacation rentals. You can choose to eat at one of the restaurants that are located on the beach front or you can simply sit at one of the many tables outside and enjoy some fresh air. No matter what you choose to do in Venice with your family, you will enjoy being able to spend some time at one of the many popular Venice Beach front vacation rentals.

Vacation Rentals Venice FL is your ticket to a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. You can choose from short stay rentals to a luxury beach vacation rental. Whether you are traveling alone or with the family, Venice has something to offer everyone. In Venice you will find an abundance of things to do including surfing, snorkeling, swimming, boating, dining, and even shopping.

Surfers Paradise is a quaint Venice Beach neighborhood that is perfect for a family vacation. It has a wide range of rentals available to suit any budget. Venice Beach itself has great restaurants, art galleries, and shops. One of the most popular vacation rentals in Venice Beach is the Triton Shore Condo, which is located on the second floor of a building. The Triton Shore offers spectacular ocean views, privacy, and is near several other Venice Beach attractions and shops.

Due to its popularity, Surfside is one of Venice’s hottest destinations for vacation rentals. This area is known for its surfing, along with several other water sports such as kayaking and windsurfing. Located on South Venice Beach, Surfside is also home to the first professional surfboard shop in the United States. The surf shop sells all kinds of equipment, as well as clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Located on North Venice Beach, just a few blocks from Surfside is Jupiter Island. It is a great destination for a day of water skiing and sunbathing, especially during the winter months. Jupiter Island features a pier that is open year-round, allowing people to take their boats out to the famous surfing beaches. Many vacation rentals in Venice include beach chairs and sun beds, making it easy to relax on the white sand of Jupiter Island.

For those who prefer to live on land, there are plenty of options in Venice that will please the seaside vacationer. There are many beautiful little villas, town homes, and condominiums available for rent. Many of these vacation rentals are right on the beach. It makes it easy to get out in the sea and enjoy the beautiful views of the area. Many of these villas come with their own private pool and / or outdoor sauna.

If you are looking for a family-friendly vacation spot, Venice has many options to suit you and your family. No matter what kind of vacation rentals you are looking for, Venice can provide it. Venice is a great place for any type of vacation. Whether you want to lie on the beach and enjoy the sunset, go boating on the canal, or simply walk along the beautiful streets, Venice is sure to be the vacation spot that you never forget.

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