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Venice Florida Vacation Rental – 10 Reasons To Rent

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10 Reasons To Rent a Venice, Florida Vacation Rental property

Venice, Florida, is located on the Gulf of Mexico. It is well known as a popular tourist destination.

Its tourism industry is dependent upon Venice’s natural beauty. Venice, Florida, was voted the No.2 “Happiest Seaside Town. You can also click this link to read more about Venice is awards and recognition

Venice is located on the west coast of Florida, just south of Sarasota along Florida’s white-sanded Gulf Coast. It offers 14 miles of beaches, from Casey Key to Manasota Key.

In recent years, online platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO have made it easier for Venice, Florida Holiday Rental property owners to enter into the short and long term holiday rental market. This rental market allows ordinary property owners to generate a little supplemental income and defray the cost of maintaining their real estate.

Important Statistics About Vacation Rentals

The United States makes up twenty percent of all vacation rental properties, Europe represents sixty percent, and the rest of the world accounts for twenty percent. Seventy percent of vacation rental online platform companies are small, managing only 1-15 units.

Nearly half of Venice Florida vacation Rental are houses, which represent 46.33% of its available lodgings. Furthermore, the average nightly cost of vacation home leasing is around $300 in the high season, for an area of 1500 to 2500 square feet. Moreover, the majority of residential rentals in Venice can host six people, which makes it an excellent getaway for medium-sized groups as well as families.

Apartments and villas are the second option for holiday accommodation in Venice Florida. Vacation rental data reveal that the typical nightly price of apartment rentals is the prime season in Venice is One hundred and ninety-nine dollars. This price is for an area of eight hundred to twelve hundred square feet. Monthly rates are a little cheaper, and if you are lucky to snag accommodation like Aldea Mar Retreats Unit 79 on or close to the beach, well, that’s even better.

Those looking for a relaxing getaway but not on the beach should check into the Venice, Florida condos. Located in the downtown Venice area, these Venice Florida condos are perfect for those wishing to unwind and enjoy Venice, Florida’s beauty. Amenities include an indoor pool, hot tub, tennis courts, a fitness room, and a delicious restaurant. Many Venice, Florida condos feature private decks and patios.

A Short Note About Venice

Downtown Venice Florida
With its small-town charm and coastal appearances, Venice will captivate you. Allow yourself to relax in a cheerful, and beautify appointed villas with beach access, or relax on the deck of a temperature control pool.

In a place like Venice Island, Florida, you will be inspired at a vacation home in this picturesque small town Venice, FL. One will find several options concerning leasing a villa or getaway house as opposed to a hotel or motel room.

The following list highlights the top 10 factors why picking a Venice Florida holiday rental home over a hotel room may be the best choice for your trip:

Venice Florida holiday Rental Offers More Space

Aldea Mar unit 79 Venice Florida
1. The large spaces within Venice Island Florida Holiday rental properties allow households and groups to relax in a more significant, more comfortable area. You can go to one of the two bedrooms if you need privacy. Sit out on the porch with your favorite cocktail while reading a book. Your kids can watch TV or play games in the living room. A spacious environment will enable everyone to enjoy their trip a little bit more. And the list of activities goes on and on.

Kitchen Amenities

500 Park Blvd Kitchen Amenities

2. When selecting a place to remain for a week’s holiday, people like to have different facilities available to them, including a spacious, well-appointed cooking area. Some people do not want to eat out in restaurants for every meal. By renting a Venice Florida holiday rental house or villa, one has access to kitchen area facilities. A kitchen allows then to prepare meals and snacks throughout the vacation and save money.

Private Pools and Jacuzzis

Private Owners Pool
3. Most Florida rental properties that are for lease in the Venice Island Florida area come with their swimming pools, and some may have Jacuzzis. Why cram into a packed hotel swimming pool when swimming in a swimming pool with only friends and household members around can be a practical alternative.

Stable Internet Connection

4. In numerous Venice Island Florida Holiday rentals, there will be wireless web-access and a computer in which to browse the World Wide Web. Several hotels currently provide this type of web connection as well. You will often find that periodic costs and disconnections may take place. Because you are staying in a Florida holiday rental home, it is almost like being in your own home where internet connections are lost less often.

More Economical For Families

5. Because Venice Island Florida is a tourist destination, hotels can be a bit on the costly side if you are searching for space and many amenities. When you are browsing the Airbnb or HomeAway or VRBO website for a specific Venice Florida Holiday Rentals property, one can choose the size of the vacation home that is needed to accommodate the household. It is much more economical to lease a single home or villa for one week instead of a room with a view of the pool or parking lot.

Vacation villas Can be More Relaxing

500 Park Blvd Venice Florida
6. More Peaceful – When staying in hotels, there is usually a lot of outside sounds that one has to contend with. If you are trying to relax, you will find most of the noise annoying. By scheduling a Venice Florida holiday Rentals on Venice Island, Florida, there will only be the sounds of those you have brought along on the journey.

More Washrooms Available

7. No one enjoys running down the hall-way to use a public bathroom. By leasing a Venice, Florida holiday rental property, there will nearly always be more than one restroom offered to the occupants. When you have to go, you have to go now. With a hotel space, restroom lines are nearly inevitable, unless the holiday is a vacation for one.

Amenities Like Washers and Dryers

8. One of the more accommodating elements of renting a Venice, Florida holiday rental property rather than remaining at a hotel, is the schedule of washers and dryers on the premises. No need to search for a laundromat when washers and clothes dryers are available to use at your convenience on the premises of your vacation rental.

Convenient Parking

9. Access to a Garage and a Close Parking Spot. Since hotel parking spots are first-come will always get suitable parking spots first. You are left to fend for yourself and try to find a parking spot that is convenient for you and your family. The location of the remaining parking spots are usually away from the hotel entrance. People renting at these types of resorts frequently discover themselves having to hike back and forth from the room to the car. Bringing luggage and other packages from your car can often get tiresome. With a Venice Island Florida villa leasing, your vehicle will be just outside in your private garage or carport.

Home Away from Home

10. With hotel accommodations, although lots of hotels offer attractive features, there is still no way to make it appear less like a hotel and more like a house. When renting a Florida vacation home in Venice Island, the accommodations feel more relaxing and homey than any hotel possibly could. When a household can enjoy the entertainment and occasions in a place like Venice Island Florida, and come “home” to unwind afterward, this is a great thing.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in a hotel from time to time, especially if you are traveling alone. Or if you are stopping over in a city for one night or if there are no vacation rentals readily available. For these reasons, vacation rental leasing is a great option to consider when looking into a trip to Venice Island Florida with your family. Please click on this link to view some of the hotels and compare rates for a room with a view in comparison to an apartment vills or house in Venice, Florida.

Venice, Florida Vacation Rental

If you plan a trip to Venice and you are looking to find the ideal spot for you and your family, it is best to look into Venice, Florida vacation rentals.

You can find many Venice, Florida vacation rentals that will suit your budget, as well as your requirements for the type of rental you choose. These are great choices because they are both affordable and very relaxing.

You can use your Venice, Florida vacation rentals for a family vacation, a romantic trip with your significant other, a business trip, or even a winter getaway.

You can rent a Venice apartment for the whole family during the summer or winter. It is up to you how you use your rental in Venice, Florida, for your vacation.

Some of the more popular Venice Florida rentals for vacationers who like to travel in style are their luxury Venice Florida villas.

You can select from a wide range of different Venice, Florida villas to suit your taste and budget.
Some Venice, Florida vacation rentals include many amenities such as a pool, an outdoor kitchen, and even a spa! Amenities like this will make your vacation in Venice, Florida, very relaxing and enjoyable.

Venice, Florida, is the ultimate city destination. It is a small town tourist haven with exciting nightlife and dining options.

Venice has a beautiful selection of hotels, restaurants, and accommodations. Venice, Florida, is truly a wonderful place to visit.

Do you have questions about Unit 79 at Aldea Mar Retreats, contact us to learn more about the reasons to rent and the things you need to know before you book. You can also visit our blog to learn more about Venice and Aldea Mar Retreats.

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